Watersons lives in one of the Russian cities. Each morning the parents go to work and the children – to a school and a kinder garden.

Dad – Ivan Waterson, Head of Scientific Chemical Laboratory. Every day at work he makes scientific experiments with water while dreaming about the Nobel Prize.

Mom – Maria Waterson.

She is a teacher in a primary school and she deals with children very well. But unfortunately her own children’s behavior – Vanya and Masha – sometimes causes some problems for her. Maria likes dreaming how she would spend husband’s Nobel Prize.

Vanya and Masha Watersons

They are fond of misbehaving and frolicking. They always turn everything upside down and every minute create tons of questions like ‘what’, ‘for what’, ‘how’, ‘when’ etc.

They could live their happy life like this but one day the hot water was switched off in the whole house. And then Mom told (and Dad wasn’t able to object) that there was a time for their family to have a new modern Super Water Heater! That’s how Thermexik – a great helper and a great friend – appeared in Waterson’s life.